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Tickets On Sale!

Bookings can be made here.

Convention & Screenings: $20 per person
Screenings only: $10 per person

I must have read that wrong the first time. I thought it was $20 for the convention and then $10 for the screenings. Damn, that's a bargain!

Lia, I need to know if you want me to send a form in for the both of us - save the hassle of us sending two payments in. If you can get the dates that your American friends are coming over, I'll start looking at getting time arranged off work for the week/two weeks surrounding the 13th. We can start checking out prices to get up there - but I think we'll have to leave booking accommodation until about a month beforehand, just to see what deals are on at the time. Yay! :)

And hello to our new members: killgeekgirl and littlenell! :) Are you two going to the convention this year? Where are you from? C'mon.. share your Rocky love with us. *grins* (And admit how damn gorgeous Tim Curry is in fishnets!)

Oh, and no-one be afraid of contacting Kristian (who does the bookings, and organises the convention). He's a fantastic guy! :) He's got heaps of information to share and is just a great guy to talk about Rocky Horror with! :D

Gah - Lia, must remember! Blankets for the screenings! Sheesh, we're going to need to take biiig bags with us to the convention! Ooh, which reminds me.. I must start looking at a costume! Time to go play now.
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