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That'd be right..

You're from Brisbane, right? Of course.

Ms. littlegreenfrog is from Tassie, and I'm from right at the bottom of Vic. So it's a fairly large outlay of money for us to even get to the convention. :(

You'll be in one of the performances, eh? Let us know all about it, okay! :) We'll have to drop by and say hi!

I can't believe that there's an actual convention on. I asked Lia if she'd want to come over to visit me and we could go to a performance of it in Melbourne (which I still haven't been able to find one of! And ideas?) and while searching for that, I came across the Rocky Horror Down Under site. Whew - I'm glad I did!

And yes. I get too excited. Especially at almost 8am. ;)
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