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Friday the 23rd: My Birthday
Went to CT and parked the car, and got on the commuter rail to NYC. We had a fun time and laughed alot. As soon as we get to New York, we decided to take the train to the hotel, and 1st thing we did was lose Jorge. And on the subway at that. When we found him, we got back on another train and headed to the hotel. It wasnt as hard as I had expected. We got to the hotel and settled our things, and all decided to go to eat. So for my 1st birthday meal in New York, we went to HOOTERS. Me, AJ, Lisa, Jorge, Brian, Alex, and Ruthie. Diva bought me 2 pitchers of Sangria. The slutty girls all sang to me, a cute lil birthday ditty they have. Some of the girls had small boobage and I felt like sueing for false advertizing. But then I had a taste of their wings and forgot all about the tits. Then Back to the hotel to get dressed for the International Rocky Party. I put on my gold leiderhosen, my yodeling hat with feather, bif gold sox, and boots. I looked pretty good, and people all over seemed to greatly enjoy it. I was very happy with how it turned out. The party was fun, the hor dourves was yummy, and the booze was expensive. All in all, I had a fun time. Then Shock Treatment. I wasnt too interested, and I went away to frolic and meet people. As well, as change into something way more comfortable. After the show, people decided to go to the NYC midnite showing of Rocky, and I wasnt too interested in that. Some people went to walk the city in the pouring rain, also not interested, and some went to CBGB's, and guess what? Not interested. So I ended up alone on the nite of my bday, and I decided to go for a walk after the rain let up. I ended up going to a girl peep show. Yes, I know I am a gay boy, but it was funny and only a quarter. Then I walked back to the hotel and went to sleep.
Saturday the 24th:
Got ready for the costume contest. I dressed as half Eddie and half Columbia. It was a hit. So many people thought it was awesome and that made me happy. Unfortunately they decided to do the contest differently this year. Their was no original costume contest. Had I known that I wouldnt have worn that. I woulda worn my Columbia costume only. Then they made everyone do a little challenge, assosiated with their character. SO nothing was based on what you were actually wearing, but how well you could do the challenge. Oh well. The FBC preshows went up and they went extremely well. I did paradise by the Dashboard Light. I was so out of breath, but it went damn well. I ran off so fast that I didnt find out til later that I had gotten a standing ovation. I have never gotten one before so I wish I coulda seen it. But I had such a fast change for the next preshow that I had to go. I changed into the dog costume and we did Discovery Channel. It looked great. I had so much fun being the lead dog in it. Jumping around stage like a fool. Then we all went to eat at one of the 100 subway resturants that are in NYC. Then back to the hotel to change for Leshez Moi preshows. Got dressed as a cheerleader and headed to the hall. They went over well. People seemed to love them, but I felt very off and was upset at my performance. After it was over I grabbed my shit and stormed back to my room, very upset. I apparently ended up missing some incredible stuff. It had to do with the fact that we all had never once performed as a group before. We just learned seperately and did it. I went to change, and ended up having to leave my makeup on my eyes. Faulted by the beautiful eyelashes I didnt want to remove and them put back on. So I put on boy clothes and everyone took me to a real bday dinner at the resturant I wanted to eat at the most: Stardust. The waiters/waitresses sing all throuhout the resturant. The same dinner group plus Alex K and Crystal took me and it was great. They learned we were Rocky People and played Time Warp. Well we all got up and danced around the resturant like the fools we are. Then our waitress, knowing of my bday, took me to the center of the resturant on a stool with a spotlight from above and sang "Let me entertain you" from Gypsy. While feeding me whipped cream (as a reminder I still had Columbia Makeup on my eyes. Apparently my entire head turned red, from Blushing. Then the whole resturant sang me Happy Birthday. After dinner we went to get ready for Rocky. I got in Columbia gear. It came out sooo good. I dont think Ive ever looked so damn good. My makeup was on point and since I lost weight I looked great in my costume. Scott James from Vegas was my Eddie, and boy was I happy. He was REALLY good. Lifts were amazing. Ive never felt so light. He tossed me around like a ragdoll. We did the side side lifts, and Ive never done that b4. I was simply amazed and happy. Then when he died, I did my horrid Columbia screams, and the audience loved that. They laughed and pointed and it was wonderful. Then off to change for floorshow. My costume looked great, I was happy with my makeup, and the performance went off without a fault. When my tits popped people laughed like crazy. And a few people told me later it was cool, because of the accuracy that girls arent allowed to do. The we took pictures and headed back to the hotel. We went to a party, which wasnt toooo happening, so we went to our room and left the door open and wited to see who would show up. We ended up with 8-10 people showing up and we all got trashed. They brought the booze which was very nice. Then through our window from across the hotel, we got an invite to another party. Very Cool. The people were nice, and welcoming. Then I went back to my room and a bunch of us crashed there.
Sunday the 25th:
I didnt participate in any of the sunday activities, we just headed out.
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