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Better Con Review

Plane ride was OK, I slept most of it. Got to Vegas around 1pm. Ran into JD (the girl). It was nice to chat with someone I knew b4 actually getting to Vegas. At the airport we found out it was cheaper to split the cost of a Limo to the Hotel than it was for a shuttle. So we arrived in Style. Good stuff.
Casino in the Lobby of the Hotel. Which was great.
Met up with freinds, and we shared a room for the weekend. They bought buds from someone on the street which turned out to be a peice of the yellow pages that was pissed on and looked convincing.
I found a little later on that day. We ate at the Riviera buffet which wasnt very good. and we gambled quite a bit. Party at the pool all nite and meeting new people, as well as the people Ive met at previous conventions. The parties were intence and I ended up staying up all nite.
Busiest day of the con for me.
We did a run thru of the preshows, then some touring around Vegas and more Gambling. Preshows started and I was the 1st one on. I did my Paradise preshow as requested by the con committee. Well, the audience fuckin loved it. There was this Huge eruption of applause with a standing ovation, that I didnt expect, and it lasted quite some time. I loved it.
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Then up to my room to shower and change and redo my makeup and hair.
Back to the convention hall to do FBC preshows.
Turns out we did a preshow that NYC did last year at the con. I feel horrible about it, but I didnt see the preshows last year because I was changing.
My preshow (Mr. Jailer) looked great, I was told. All the props worked, and came apart as I hoped. Ruthie fell in the middle of one part, but it looked like i forced her away and pulled her back. People told me that that part looked so convincing, and they almost thought she actually fell. I told them of course they thought so, we work well together.
Jons preshow was awesome but AJ threw Jonathan so hard that he sliced open his knee. Oh, and for those who dont know this: Jon from security looks incredibly hot in his underwear.
The other casts did only one preshow, and we did 3...I wonder why that happened.
Pink Invaders were right b4 us and they did Gay Bar. Which was Frank and Brad with huge fake DONGS hanging out of their underwear and they spent the entire preshow giving each other hardcore blowjobs. Gagging, spitting, chocking, deep throat bj action. It was soooo hot and all I could think of is how much I wanted to be that dong. Then we went up and I did our preshows with a huge chubby, I wonder who noticed.
Then after that we finally got ahold of some good buds, yay.
Then I got ready for Shock Treatment. I was ready and went down just to find out they started b4 midnite and I missed my biggest scenes. I cried in a corner and was very very upset. At one point the DVD stopped and there was dead time. I walked onto the stage with a cigarette in one hand and a drink in the other and announced that I had made it. Got a small applause. It was funny to me. But I did the remainder of the movie and can now say that I did it. Yay.
More all Nite Parties and Gambling.
Walked the strip, had a good buffet, got really High and then went to my room and got into Columbia PJ gear. Went to the cashman theater for pre rocky fun. I entered the costume contest, just for the sake of it. They thought my hair and glittery jammies were wonderful. I didnt win, but I didnt expect to.
There was a baby there dressed as Riff. They took a picture of me holding him. I hope I can get a copy of that soon. Also a 5 year old girl dressed as Columbia. Simply adorable.
The show was amazing. They had everything. The sonic transducer, the thing from the sky that spills liquid into rockys tank, a sawhorse, a real jukebox, averything you can imagine.
Also, when rocky started it was supposed to be black and white until riff and mags kick open the door in Time Warp and then it was to explode in color. Well they decided to show that version of the movie. And they hired professional makeup artists to take the characters plaing during the B&W scenes and make them look like they are B&W as well. It was amazing. I was soooo pleased.
I came out for a bitch scene and I got a great pop from the audience that I didnt expect. Then I overheard people talking about it later at a party. a few different people. I only did one small scene and it got the attention of people, enough to bring me up later. That felt really good.
Back to the hotel and parties.
Final day, we went to the closing lunch and found out it was at a trekkie resturant and the 4 of us got up and went to the buffet upstairs. After we ate we went back down to trekland to say our goodbyes.
Went to an indoor carnival and circus aboove the casino. It was fabulous and I accidently dumped margarita on a 5 year old girl. It was hilarious.

Best Con I've been to yet.
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