-= Smaller Than Imperfection =- (crimsonscars) wrote in rockyhorrorcon,
-= Smaller Than Imperfection =-

Rocky Horror Down Under - Australian Convention 2002

Friday 13th September
Boggo Road Gaol, Brisbane

Doors open at 5:30pm

6pm-9pm - CONVENTION

The fun and madness of Rocky Horror will come to life within the creepy confines of Boggo Road's prison compound as the sun begins to set. Each Australian Rocky Horror Picture Show cast will present a segment culminating in an opening ceremony. Amongst the competitions, karaoke, stalls, merchandise and costumes, attendees will rub shoulders with special guests and catch up with absent friends.

9pm-midnight - SCREENINGS

Crazy antics will precede a frenzied pre-show as guests await the screenings of The Rocky Horror Picture Show and Shock Treatment. Equipped with props bags and adorned in Transylvanian garb, the audience will participate alongside floorshow performers.
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